Specialized and customized trainings and workshops related to behavioral/mental health, quality of life, child development, parenting, grassroots engagement, community collaboration, & community assessment

Youth/childcare worker/community healthcare worker training on various topics related to behavioral health & child development

Program & Curriculum Development:

Development of programs and curricula customized to the vision and needs of your organization or project (for example, a therapeutic gardening program for children exposed to domestic violence or a soccer program that teaches coping skills for youth)

Project Coordination:

Coordination of projects related to community health and wellness


Development, implementation, and publication of research projects related to community wellness, mental/behavioral health, participatory action research, child participation research, quality of life studies, community development

Monitoring, Evaluation, & Sustainability:

Creation of monitoring & evaluation systems that ensure your project effectively meets its aims and objectives

Strategic planning related to the sustainability of an organization, program, or initiative

Grant writing


Individual and organizational coaching related to mental/behavioral health

Psycho-Educational Groups:

Facilitation of weekly psycho-educational groups customized for your specific program or organizational needs (for example, a teen group focused on managing stress, or a group for school-age children coping with grief and loss)